Why Choose Paradise Seafood

Delivering high quality fresh and frozen seafood to the catering trade, Paradise Seafood gives customers the confidence to run their business efficiently.

The quality of frozen seafood has improved immensely over the past few years, and in most cases is the ideal substitution for fresh seafood. You can now take advantage of the fresh taste of seafood while benefiting from its added shelf life.

By taking the time to understand the individual needs of businesses in the catering industry, we can deliver appropriate products to different customers. With scheduled deliveries and emergency deliveries to cater for the unexpected, Paradise Seafood ensures a service customers can rely on.

A comprehensive range of products and a strong market presence comes from years of experience, serving caterers in London. Paradise Seafood has a proud history of bringing exciting and innovative products to the UK catering trade. Today the company offers a complete service dedicated to supplying quality frozen seafood products to restaurants, hotels, snack bars and other food service operations.

Our Clients

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